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Spring 2021: How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos

Book Chat: Thursday, May 6 @ 3:00pm ET – register for the book club for the link to join

How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos, by David Pogue ’85

About the Book

We have two possible responses to the changing climate. There’s mitigation, which means trying to stop climate change (switch to clean power, fly less, eat less beef). And there’s adaptation, which means coping with climate change—changing our ways to survive in the new era.

Until now, virtually all discussion of climate adaptation has been intended for big entities: governments, city planners, farming practices, and so on. It usually concerns massive efforts like building seawalls, moving our farming operations north to cooler regions, planting forests of heat-tolerant trees, or buying out homeowners in flood-prone areas.

“How to Prepare for Climate Change” is the first practical guide to climate adaptation for people. Based on the expertise of 50 of the world’s leading researchers, scientists, thinkers, and educators, it includes guidance on where to live, how to build, what to grow, where to invest, how to insure, and how to prepare your business. It’s also a comprehensive guide to preparing for the environmental disasters that now affect 25 million Americans every year: floods, fires, droughts, hurricanes, heat waves, ticks and mosquitoes, and social unrest.

Finally, the book offers counsel on protecting your pets, talking to your children about the changing planet, and addressing your own climate anxiety.

About the Author

David Pogue was the New York Times weekly tech columnist from 2000 to 2013. He’s a five-time Emmy winner for his stories on CBS News Sunday Morning, a New York Times bestselling author, a five-time TED speaker, and host of 20 NOVA science specials on PBS. 
He’s written or cowritten more than 120 books, including dozens in the Missing Manual tech series, which he created in 1999; six books in the For Dummies line (including Macs, Magic, Opera, and Classical Music); two novels (one for middle-schoolers); his three bestselling Pogue’s Basics books of tips and shortcuts (on Tech, Money, and Life); his new how-to guides, iPhone Unlocked and Mac Unlocked; and his 2021 magnum opus, How to Prepare for Climate Change.

After graduating summa cum laude from Yale in 1985 with distinction in music, Pogue spent ten years conducting and arranging Broadway musicals in New York. He has won a Loeb Award for journalism, two Webby awards, and an honorary doctorate in music. He lives with his wife Nicki and their blended brood of five spectacular children in Connecticut and San Francisco. 
For a complete list of Pogue’s columns and videos, and to sign up to get them by email, click here. On Twitter, he’s @pogue; on the web, he’s at www.davidpogue.com. He welcomes civil email exchanges at david@pogueman.com

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