YBG Co-Chairs: Chip Spear and Becky Bunnell

Vice Chair: Maureen Kline

Chair Emerita: Lauren Graham

Board Secretary: Anne Peters

Sustainability Initiative co-chairs: Anne Crawley and Becky Bunnell

Programming Committee co-chairs: Margot McMahon and Huda Mustafa

Webinar Committee: Anne Crawley, Robert Smith, Stephanie Grilli

Green Blocks: Margot McMahon, Becky Bunnell, Stephanie Grilli, Deja Curtis

Events: Robert Smith, Emee Pumarega, Anne Crawley, Becky Bunnell, Deja Curtis

Newsletter: Jordan Chancellor

Social Media: Tania Min

Cross Campus and Mentoring Program: Paul Chapman

Chapter Manager: Jane Thery

YAA Staff Liaison: Henry Kwan, ’05 MA, Director of Shared Interest Groups

Special thanks to past chair and Chair Emeritus Lauren Graham, tireless leader, generous giver, and recipient of the Yale Medal.