Executive Director

Lauren E. Graham, YSE ’13

Lauren Graham (YSE ’13) is the Executive Director of Yale Blue Green. She is the founder and CEO of Velvet Frame, LLC, a a boutique social impact strategy and communications consultancy which works with non-profits, social entrepreneurs, and mission-driven startups on their capacity-building and change management challenges in the areas of strategic communications, organizational design, and leadership development by applying a holistic, ecosystems approach to the creation of scalable and sustainable change. Lauren is also an adjunct lecturer at several universities, a board member of the Natural Areas Conservancy and Earthshot, and the Board Secretary of Yale Women, Inc.

Communications & Social Media

Georgia Silvera Seamans, YSE ’01


Chapter Manager


YBG Austin Co-Chairs


Rachel Schoenin, YC ’15

YBG-Boston Co-Chairs


Divita Bhandari, YSE ’14

Michael Brod, YSE ’14

Kathryn Wright, YSE ’13

YBG-Chicago Co-Chairs


Judith Singleton, YGS ’00

YBG-Washington D.C. Co-Chairs


Dr. Michael Dorsey, YSE ’96

Brennan Hackett, YC ’04

Vijeta Jangra, YSE ’13

Barbara Bauman Tyran, SOM

YBG-London Co-Chairs


Olga Babakina, F&ES ’05

Simon De Stercke, F&ES ’12

Melissa Merryweather, YC ’83

Alexander Vernoit, YC ’16

YBG-New York City Co-Chairs


David Bergman, YC ’78

Sabina Byck, YSE ’10

Tania Min, ’95 MArch

YBG-San Francisco Co-Chairs


Paul Chapman, ’70

Berkley Rothmeier, YC ’09, YSE ’10

YAA Staff Liaison

Henry Kwan, ’05 MA, Director of Shared Interest Groups