Green Blocks Initiative

Green Blocks Initiative was created as an alumni engagement resource that shares personal actions, community involvement with a global vision to retain 2020 lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic that encourages us to reduce carbon emission to reach the 2050 Paris Agreement goals.

Each Green Block module would offer: 1) Personal action that inspires hosting a turnkey 2) Community event driving societal change with a 3) Global vision. From one green block building to the next alumni connect for an expanding web of sustainable actions and events for planetary solutions.

Our Green Blocks Initiative page will have a rainbow of colors filling the module squares which reference the goals of the United Nations Development Programme, indicating cross-references categories like Land Use for Community Gardens or Urban Forests. Green Blocks Initiative is looking for you to contribute your webinar, article, essay, ideas, actions, efforts, and events to inspire action to reduce our carbon footprint with Quarterly submission dates (July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1) at: