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About the Book Club

YBG realizes that a vibrant, informed, and engaged community is necessary to support environmental initiatives. Therefore, we are launching a book club to engage the Yale community in conversation around environmental, sustainability, climate, and natural resources issues we face today.

What kinds of books will we be reading in the YBG Book Club?

We will be reading books on a spectrum of environmental and sustainability topics, prioritizing authors who have a Yale affiliation and engaging them in discussion whenever possible. Some will be new publications, and others will be classics, with a preference for books that are also accessible to people who do not have an environmental background. We will also maintain a recommended reading list of member-sourced titles. Email us to suggest a book.

Who can join?

Starting out, the YBG Book Club is only open to members of the Yale community. We hope to build our capacity to manage and thoughtfully engage a larger group so that everyone who wants to join can read and learn with us.

What’s the timeline for reading and discussing the book?

We plan to read one book every 2-3 months, starting and ending with a conversation with the author whenever possible. We encourage each small reading group to meet twice for discussions over this time period.

How can I help strengthen the book club?

We welcome Yalies who are interested in joining the book club committee (selecting new titles, reaching out to authors, planning complementary programming to the reading, etc.) and coordinators who would provide a light touch to keep the small groups running and provide feedback to help improve our processes. Reach out if you are interested.