How to Give to the YBG Sustainability Fund

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$10K Match

The YBG Sustainability Initiative is running a $10,000 match for donations raised for the current use fund. We are 46% of the way there, and will continue to update this page as we get closer to our goal. Thank you to everyone who had donated, and please share this link with friends:

How to give:

Visit the Yale giving page ( and enter “YBG sustainability fund” as the designation with your gift amount. Follow the rest of the prompts to complete your gift. If you are interested in giving major amounts, please contact Becky Bunnell ’78,  for further details. Thank you!

How the funds will be used:

We are starting this Sustainability Initiative Fund as a current use fund to allow the Office of Sustainability to accomplish a range of things to drive sustainability at Yale.  The types of things this fund might be used for are:

  • Support for student research assistants or fellows for the Office of Sustainability
  • Funding for student research and travel for sustainability-related topics
  • Augmenting programming or capacity related to priority topics such as carbon neutrality or biodiversity
  • On-campus visibility such as events
  • Global visibility such as Yale’s presence at global gatherings.
  • A reinvigorated and cohesive online presence for Yale’s teaching, research, and operational commitments pertaining to climate change and sustainability
  • A platform to foster interdisciplinary collaboration on global challenges

The priorities will likely evolve year-to-year as Yale’s sustainability efforts evolve.

One of our long-term goals is to create a permanent endowment for a similar purpose. If this spendable fund meets the university’s minimum for endowment ($100,000), we can then consider taking that next step. This would be set up as a second fund.  

Another goal is to create an additional spendable fund, and eventually another endowment fund, to be administered by the “Academic side” of the University. This would allow funding for an endowed chair that could really drive multi- disciplinary research and academic programming across all parts of the University.

Official usage description of the Fund:

The fund shall be used to support the activities of the Office of Sustainability as Yale creates, tests, and adopts innovative sustainable solutions to environmental and related social and economic challenges. Activities may include, but are not limited to, programming, communications, events, alumni engagement, and support for student assistants and early-career interns.  Activities should also include, but are not limited to, initiatives that drive global leadership in integrated sustainable actions.