The Climate Crisis: Why We Care, and How to Prepare | F. 4/16 @ 8pm ET

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Why did a music major, surgeon and marketing executive all get trained by The Climate Reality Project later in life to press for urgent action on climate?

Come hear Yale classmates David Pogue ’85 (a NYT bestselling author and CBS Sunday Morning correspondent), Andrea Metkus ’85 (a retired cancer surgeon) and Wei-Tai Kwok ’85  (a renewable energy executive) as they share their personal stories on why they’ve become climate activists and how you can too.

Join Yale Blue Green for a conversation where we’ll cover the latest science, impacts and solutions to the climate crisis, and most importantly hear practical tips culled from 50 of the world’s leading experts on how you can prepare for the hotter, wetter, more unpredictable world.

Don’t miss our speed networking breakout session which will kick-off the session right at the top of the hour and give you a chance to meet other YBG members. And what Yale event would be complete without some music and song from a special guest?

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