One Drop at a Time: Vaulting Rainwater

Author: Marcus da la Fleur, DeLaFleur LLC
Location: Chicago, IL

The Action

One Drop at A Time, the award-winning work of Marcus de la Fleur, is a demonstration of the use of green roofs, porous pavement, rain barrels, swales, and controlled burn to mitigate runoff and properly value rainwater. There is some arresting side by side footage which shows how much more effective his solution is than conventional yard and sidewalk treatment.

Climate Impact

The goal is to turn the building into a net zero home with a sustainable and resource-efficient landscape. He is chronicling this transformation – deeply nerdy and great.

How to Get Involved

Marcus de la Fluer came to Chicago from Kew Gardens to build the green roof on the Betty Notebaert Museum in Lincoln Park. Now he is at work on a deep energy retrofit on a 100 plus year old masonry two flat house in the city. Learn more here: