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YBG Mentoring

We encourage you to consider mentoring other members of the Yale community who share your interest in the environment and sustainability. Several years ago, YBG launched a successful mentoring pilot project. With the launch of Yale’s Cross Campus Mentoring platform, our work continues. The Cross Campus mentorship programs have created more than 5,000 one-to-one mentorship pairings and offer a chance for alums to give back to Yale—by helping to change student lives.

The Cross Campus Mentoring website provides information about three mentorship programs that involve Yale College, Graduate and Professional Schools, and fellow Yale alumni.  Potential mentors are asked to first register with Cross Campus (for those who already have their email on a Yale account, you will be asked to Sign In), then to create their Profile (to facilitate matching, be sure to join our Cross Campus Yale Blue Green group), and then to register to become a Cross Campus mentor.  Matching occurs in the fall and spring at the beginning of each semester and interested mentors can sign up to take part in the program on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Thank you for considering Cross Campus Mentoring!

The Yale Blue Green Mentor Committee

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