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YBG Mentoring

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

For general inquiries about the YBG Mentorship Program, email

About the Mentoring Program

The YBG Mentoring Program enables connections among Yale community members, to provide educational, professional and volunteering guidance to those with interest in a career or volunteer work in the sustainability and environmental fields. Through mentorship, YBG aims to encourage Yale community members to become engaged and active within the sustainability and environment space to accelerate action and impact.

Mentorship Options

Two tiers are available in the YBG Mentoring Program to enable a more tailored experience to match diverse needs of participants.

Option A: Ad-hoc Mentorship

  1. Well suited to high-level, generic guidance
  2. Mentor-mentee expect to connect no more than 1-3 times
  3. Connections can be established anytime throughout the year
  4. Mentor will be assigned from pool of pre-qualified YBG mentors based on availability and, if possible, matching interest areas

Option B: Academic year-based Mentorship (6-12 months)

  1. Well suited to detailed guidance for mentees with a more defined area of pursuit
  2. Mentor-mentee expect to connect multiple times over the course of a year (frequency to be agreed upon by mentor & mentee)
  3. Connections are established each fall and run through May of the following year
  4. Mentors will be assigned based on detailed matching process to identify matches with Mentees with strong overlap in interest area

The Profile of a Mentee

Mentees are Yale students (from Yale College or any of the graduate and professional schools) :

The Profile of a Mentor

Mentors are Yale alumni (from Yale College or any of the graduate and professional schools) or members of the Yale community (i.e. faculty):

How to get involved?

If you would like to participate, either as a mentee or a mentor, please fill out an application form below.

To receive priority consideration in the Year-long Mentorship Option in a given school year, mentees must submit applications by the November 10, 2021 deadline at the start of that school year.

Mentees seeking an Ad-hoc Mentorship are welcome to submit an application form at any time.

Alumni interested in being Mentors are encouraged to submit applications at any time.

For general inquiries about the YBG Mentorship Program, email

Mentor & Mentee Application
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