Coming Soon: YBG Book Club


YBG realizes that a vibrant, informed, and engaged community is necessary to support environmental initiatives. Therefore, we are launching a book club to engage the Yale community in conversation around environmental and natural resources issues we face today.

We are soliciting ideas for book titles that would facilitate a thought-provoking conversation among alumni in different fields.

YBG book club members will read books on environmental themes and discuss them via an online platform. Topics include the following: environment, sustainability, climate change, clean energy, land use, water use, the water-energy nexus, forests, agriculture, e-waste, systems thinking, green design, and more.

Book titles can be classics or recent works, but they should meet the following criteria:

  • Accessibility: written for a general audience and non-technical
  • Significance: titles should reach for larger ideas and arguments rather than solely detailing narrow policy issues or specific problems
  • Length: readers should be able to grasp the book’s overall argument within the first 100 pages
  • Genre: non-fiction preferred, although the book club is open to other genres like sci-fi novels, graphic novels, and so on
  • Scope: both domestic and global; books do not need to be limited to an American or western perspective, and diverse perspectives are encouraged

If you are interested in helping to organize the book club or would like to suggest book titles, please email Lauren at